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Enriched with goodness of Vitamins and Calcium.

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After a tired day have a glass of GLUCODOZE which brings the energy. Glucodoze is Enriched with goodness of Vitamins and Calcium for extra replenishment of essential, Vitamins & minerals and body salts, GLUCODOZE is a ready source of energy to fight tiredness, Quickly feel cool and refreshing .

Besides helping in quick recovery of energy lost due to fatigue, GLUCODOZE also provides essential nutrients that refresh and energizes you to fight tiredness and fatigue caused by summer heat. Extremely good for growing children and sportspersons, GLUCODOZE.



Dextrose is simple sugar that is made from corn and is chemically identical to glucose, It is dissolved in solutions that are given intravenously, which can be combined with other drugs, or used to increase a person’s blood sugar, The body can quickly use it for energy.


It is a sweet crystalline solid compound commonly known as table sugar. Body requires a constant supply of energy, sucrose provides your body the energy required to perform physical and mental functions. It contains 4 calories of energy per gram, and its work like a energy booster


Essential for the formation of collagen; needed for absorption of iron, Vitamins and minerals play an important role in glucose metabolism, It is required for body growth and development , impact on immunity and overall cellular health.


Calcium is very important for our body, necessary for normal functioning of nerves, cells, muscle, and bone. Sufficient amount of calcium should be in daily diet, otherwise body will take calcium from bones, thereby weakening bones. Having the right amount of calcium is important for building and keeping strong bones.


GLUCODOZE is available in five flavours :- Mango, Orange, Blended Jaljeera, Vitamin-D Regular and Lemon, this flavours just added the extra taste to drink




Vitamin-D has aphrodisiac and antibacterial properties, it is rich in antioxidants. It helps in reducing the free radicals in a body.


(1 kg, 500 gm , 250 gm)



This tangy fruit definitely impresses with its delicious taste and its high concentration of vitamin C as well as other nutrients. It rich in potassium, an electrolyte mineral that controls the heart function


(104 gm, 250 gm, 500 gm)



Mango is one of the yummiest fruits around, perfect for those scorching summers, Enriched with goodness glucose and Calcium for extra replenishment of essential, Vitamin-C & minerals and body salts, It keeps your immune system healthy and strong.


(250 gm)


Jaljeera is the instant solution of many summers problems just add it with a chilled glass of water or soda water & feel satisfied Your body was dehydrated with vitamin C and all you needed was to hydrate it again. It cools the body and digestive too.


(250 gm)


It is a high source of vitamin C, hence boosts immunity and improves skin texture. It is an excellent appetizer as well as a digestive aid. It is a De-toxify agent, helps removes toxins from the body


(250 gm)

Glucose for Daily Life

One of the reasons why people avoid carbohydrate is because it could cause weight gain. Carbohydrate is essential for human body, avoiding it could cause some deficiency. Below is a list of the benefits of glucose for human body

What is glucose?

Glucose is carbohydrate. Glucose is simple sugar or a monosaccharides and sometimes glucose also called dextrose. Simple explanation, sugar consists of glucose while glucose is one of the primary molecules that form it. Fructose and sucrose are also sugar but they are different from glucose though they are important for human’s health. Fructose is also carbohydrate, so in other words you could consume food consists of glucose and fructose and they are both called sugar.
The digestive process will free glucose from other sugar units obtained by carbohydrate that consumed. After that process, glucose will be absorbed into the blood stream and later used by cells to do whatever functions glucose is for.


  • To support your daily activity you need energy. So, how energy in your body is produced? You need glucose to produce energy and you need to consume carbohydrate for glucose. After glucose is freed through digestive system and absorbed into the blood stream.
  • Glucose has significant role in maintain the body endurance. The more stock of glycogen you have in your muscle the more energy you have so you will have longer time before your body starts to feel the exhaustion.
  • Recent studies have found that even brain needs glucose to function optimally. The same researches also showed that learning process could deplete the stock of glucose in the brain, once the stock is depleted, students will get hard to focus on their study and weak on memorizing
  • Physiological processes are like muscle contraction, relaxation, respiration, body temperature and heart rhythm. Those processes are required glucose. Actually, all processes in your body from heart beat up to muscle contraction required energy and without glucose the stock of energy will be drained off.

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